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When I first met Kristina with her mother and future mother in law, I knew we were meant to be a team for her wedding. She and her family were just so amazing and fun! At one point my mouth started to hurt from laughing and the next several minutes or about an hour was like waiting for the call after a first date. I am beyond stoked to shoot Kristina and Trevor’s wedding in June.

Kristina and Trevor are such a fun couple. You’ll get some ideas about how fun they are from their engagement session which was published on Overwhelemd Bride Blog .Claremont Engagement-121.jpg

Claremont Engagement-113.jpg
Claremont Engagement-135.jpg
Claremont Engagement-67.jpg
Claremont Engagement-146.jpg
Claremont Engagement-155.jpg
Claremont Engagement-136.jpg
Claremont Engagement-137.jpg
Claremont Engagement-94.jpg
Claremont Engagement-104.jpg
Claremont Engagement-173.jpg
Claremont Engagement-195.jpg
Claremont Engagement-141.jpg

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