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I am sure you know by now how much I enjoy eating, trying new restaurants and of course critiquing. When anyone asks me what kind of food I enjoy the most, I can never answer with one or two words because I love all kinds food. It’s true! I love sushi, Indian food, Chinese food, South Asian, Thai, Mexican, Mediterranean, Ethiopian….everything! If you’re on instagram follow my foodie journey at SoCalFoodieDiary .You can also follow me my yelp reviews on Yelp. Today I will share a few Mediterranean restaurants I found that I absolutely loved. Some are good, but still missing some flavors or service or something, but some I ended up loving more than the rest.

1) Mini Kabob – Glendale, CA

Mini Kabob is a hidden gem in Glendale, about a mile or less from Glendale Galleria. There’s not enough seating area and definitely no space for a large group, but the food is absolutely amazing! I ordered the beef shish kabob plate. I pretty much licked my plate. If you haven’t tried this hidden gem then you’re missing out.

Mini Kabob 1.jpg

2) Cafe Moderno – Montclair, CA

Cafe Moderno is another one of my favorites now. So far I’ve had their beef souvlaki, lamb and steak kabob and grilled salmon. Everything is simply delicious. I love their rice everytime. Wish I could cook rice this good at home everyday.

Cafe Moderno 2.jpg
Cafe Moderno 1.jpg

3) Diplomat Eatery & Tavern – Monrovia, CA

Diplomat Eatery & Tavern has the best lamb chops ever! I went their to try their lamb chops after reading all the reviews about it, and wow! It’s all true! I wish I could get a few extra pieces of lamb chops. It’s full of flavors. They have a very modern and cool vibe there which is perfect for a large group gathering or to hang out with friends.

Diplomat 1.jpg

4) Medii Kitchen – Anaheim, CA

Medii Kitchen is a gorgeous restaurant in Anaheim. After trying lamb chops at Diplomat, I started to look for more options for delicious lamb chops. Although Medii Kitchen’s lamb chops wasn’t as good as Diplomat’s, it’s still delicious. I don’t remember what exactly it was that they served after seating, but it was really good and fresh.

Medii Kitchen 1.jpg

5) Tarme Mediterranean Grill – Glendale, CA

Tarme Mediterranean Grill is a pretty new and nice place in Glendale. They only have Valet parking there FYI. Tried their luleh kabob and Angus beef kabob. Both tasted really good although I would prefer a little more seasoning and flavor. The decor is really nice, and great for a group too.

Tarme 2.jpg

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