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Do you LOVE coffee? Or do you not like the smell and taste of coffee?

If you didn’t know, I am kind of a foodie – Socalfoodiediary. You say food, and I’m there; however, I’m not a coffee drinker at all. Even though I don’t like coffee, I absolutely love working from coffee shops. In other words, I love to call myself now a coffee shop connoisseur. I know, I know how can someone not like coffee, but be a coffee shop snob. I absolutely love trying different lattes, and kind of pretty picky about it too. Also, I enjoy coffee shops with lots of natural light just like my home. After all, I am a natural light photographer. Today I would love to share my thoughts about 3 different coffee shops.


Dirty Penguin

Dirty Penguin is kind of hidden in Chino Hills. Every time I worked from here, I was very productive. I love the decor, wifi, their drinks and the staff. When I met the owners, I was very impressed with them. They were so friendly and sweet! Their lavender latte is my favorite. I wish every coffee shop had lavender latte.



Found Coffee

Found coffee is now another one of my favorite coffee shops. It’s located in Eagle Rock on Colorado Blvd. Their decor is so modern and beautiful and full of natural light that I don’t mind just sitting there and relaxing.

I left a review on yelp for them, and when I was there last time, they recognized me right away and thanked me. A small gesture like that meant a lot. I mean how many places remember who left reviews where, right?

Their vanilla latte is my favorite, and every time they take their time to do a nice latte art for every customer. I know it’s not a big deal, but I love latte art.



Swork Coffee

Swork Coffee is another beautiful coffee shop in Eagle Rock on Colorado Blvd. If you’re there, try their swiss latin latte. It’s made with condensed milk without being overly sweet. I LOVE it although I was disappointed with their green tea latte which was too bland and eh.

There’s also a cute corner with a spot for children and a couch to hangout. Maybe F.R.I.E.N.D.S can move to Eagle Rock, right? (I am hearing the theme song in my head now).

And of course you’ll find plenty of natural light which is something that I think helps me be very productive.


I would love to hear about your favorite coffee shops. If we run into each other at any of these places, say hi, but don’t be creepy. Next time I will share more reviews so stay tuned!

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