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I was super stoked to kick off my 2018 wedding season at Clubhouse at Anaheim Hills. Joanna and Armin were truly wonderful the entire time. Their laid back attitude just made the whole planning process so much fun, and by planning I mean getting the timeline ready, going thru all the details for different photos ahead of time, what to do to be prepared for the day and so on.

The venue coordinator at Clubhouse at Anaheim Hills Golf Course, Jenny, was so helpful throughout the process. We started communicating with each other several months before the wedding day, and every interaction I had with her was amazing. On a wedding day nothing goes exactly planned. Both Joanna and Armin was so laid back and relaxed the entire time, and Jenny was so accomodating. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Joanna Armin -119.jpg

Joanna Armin Getting Ready-70.jpg

Joanna Armin Getting Ready-125.jpg
Joanna Armin Getting Ready-21.jpg
Joanna Armin Getting Ready-127.jpg

Joanna Armin -101.jpg
I personally LOVE black bridesmaids dresses, and when I saw the bridesmaids looking gorgeous in their black dresses, I was ready to do a happy dance. I mean how gorgeous are they!

Bridal Party-156.jpg

Bridal Party-140.jpg

Wedding Details-34.jpg
Wedding Details-3.jpg
Wedding Details-70.jpg
Wedding Details-15.jpg

A fun wedding party is never a dull moment. These images are some of my favorites. After taking the photos, I noticed that the best was walking around with his coffee the whole time and a groomsman started to smell the flowers. Oh boy, but glad they were having fun in front of the camera so that’s all that matters.

Bridal Party-46.jpg

They were really enjoying their time in front of my camera. I will never say let’s stop (unless we’re out of light or time) if the wedding party wants to keep going. How fun are these!

Bridal Party-13.jpg
Bridal Party-44.jpg
Bridal Party-131.jpg

Joanna Armin -81.jpg
Joanna Armin -18.jpg
Joanna Armin -126.jpg
Joanna Armin -3.jpg
Joanna Armin -30.jpg

Joanna and Armin’s reception was so much fun! Here are some examples.

Clubhouse at Anaheim Hills -9.jpg
Clubhouse at Anaheim Hills -252.jpg

Venue – Clubhouse at Anaheim Hills

Florist – Riverside Flower Club

Bridal Gown – David’s Bridal

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